Alta III Jacket Women's
Alta III Jacket Women's
Alta III Jacket Women's

Alta III Jacket Women's

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A contemporary update to this iconic walking jacket, the Alta III is a versatile, hard-wearing jacket packed with practical features for any serious outdoor activity - from valley to hill and onto the mountain.

Made from Analogy waterproof fabric to provide fantastic weather protection and effectively remove perspiration, the Alta III is designed for the wildest places worldwide and is one of the most versatile mountain jackets on the market.

The Alta III has excellent ventilation, a fully adjustable hood and practical pocketing.

  • Temperature regulation is provided by upper arm vents (that can also stay open in the rain without water ingress), a two-way locking front YKK zip with internal storm flap, and sleeves that are designed to be pushed up.
  • Good visibility and weather protection is assured by the fully adjustable wire peaked hood, which is designed to maintain vison in all conditions and roll into the jacket collar when not in use.
  • Secure external and internal storage allows for safe stowing of map and navigation tools across six well-placed pockets.

Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric is more than just breathable, it is directional.This means it is capable of moving liquid water away from your body and not just water vapour.

Nikwax Analogy Waterproof Fabric

It is essential to avoid a build-up of water in your clothing system when you are working hard, as too much retained moisture will lead to your body rapidly chilling when you stop and rest.

In conventional clothing systems, approximately 20% of sweat production is dealt with effectively, leaving the remaining 80% trapped inside.

Nikwax Analogy garments are unique, in that they pump out this 80% of liquid water and allow it to drain away; you are left feeling dry and comfortable

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