The Company was founded by Giancarlo Tanzi in 1975 and takes his name from a city located in the North- East of Italy (close to Venice) where the brand was first established.

Asolo has always been a pioneer for innovation, in fact, the first revolutionary idea introduced by its founder was the first Mountain Boot made of a combination of leather and textile (Cordura) and shortly after he introduced also the first Mountain Boot lined with Gore-Tex - innovations that changed not only the market, but also the way of making outdoor footwear.

In 1998 the Zanatta Family took over the Asolo brand as its precisely embraced their values as shoemakers, innovators and outdoor passionates.

The tradition as shoemakers of the Zanatta Family began in the 1946 when Oreste Zanatta and his wife opened a small shop of repairing and resoling boots in Nervesa della Battaglia (Italy).

Through the 1960's the second generation of the Zanatta Family composed by Ambrosiano Zanatta and his brother took over the family business and evolved the small family runned business to an industrial company by founding and managing the Tecnica Group.

In 1998 Ambrosiano sold the majority of his shares of Tecnica Group and the third generation of the Zanatta family represented by Anna, Marco and Luca Zanatta took control of the family business and bought the Asolo brand - a brand that reflected their values as high quality shoemakers.

Asolo is today a family business runned by the Zanatta Family who today counts four generations of shoemakers and has the commitment to find the perfect melting of tradition, quality and innovation.

The Asolo commitment is to find the perfect tuning between tradition, innovation and quality. The tradition as shoemakers is our start, our roots, our origin; the tradition is what identify us and tell the world where we come from. The innovation is what makes us never stop our research, our studies, our challange for improving your performances and emotions during the outdoor activities. The high standard of quality is for Asolo a must. Moreover, the high standard of quality met by the products is guaranteed by the strong craftsmanship involved each phase of the production: every product is handmade, crafted with tecniques of the highest skilled handcraftmanship. After verious production steps and control phases, the product is destinated to become an exclusive and distinguishable object.