LASTING is a family company founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic by Jaromir Walter and his wife Marta Walterova.  We sell our products worldwide  to more then 50 countries.  To this day we still manufacture our clothing and socks in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic.  We have over 50 team members producing our merino clothing and socks.  We utilize Italian knitting machines for our socks and seamless clothing. 

We start with only the highest qualitly materials from Europe and merino wool from New Zealand. There is a lot of care and attention given to even the smallest detail that goes into our production, but we believe it is the only way to do things if you want a supreme product.  We control everything from the yarn and thread to the final product.  So we know “how it is made”.  How many clothing brands do you know can proudly say that about themselves?